Jewelweed spray bottle


Jewelweed spray bottle, 2 ounces in a glass bottle.



Jewelweed spray bottle, 2 ounces in a blue glass spray bottle. Convenient to carry, can even take on an airplane. Impatiens capensis, otherwise known as jewelweed or touch-me-not, is native to North America. Most commonly used to soothe bug bites and poison ivy. This is a tincure, made with organic cane alcohol. Due to the alcohol content, it shouldn’t be used on open wounds, but for a wet rash like poison ivy, or a fungal type rash it is amazing. Herbalists believe it can even prevent a breakout of the rash if you know you have been exposed to poison ivy. Works for stinging nettle itch also. For external use only.

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Weight9 oz
Dimensions7 × 5 × 5 in


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