Rosebud wreath


Rosebud wreath, made with wildcrafted dried rosebuds.

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Rosebud wreath – made with wildcrafted rosebuds, the pink ones that are native here in Tennessee. I make just 1 of these each year. It is time-consuming, for sure, but the limiting factor is the perfect rosebuds. They have to be picked at just the right stage, which means picking them every day, wading into the briars with long sleeves and long pants and plenty of bug repellant. Once the rosebuds are dry, I meticulously glue them to the form, one by one. The finished wreath is backed with moss and has a ribbon to hang it with. It measures about 7”x 7”. Placed on a wall in a room without direct sun, it will last for years. This item may be shipped.

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